Kitchen Worktops

There are many types of worktops to choose from, Laminate, Solid Wood, Natural Granite, Corian, or Glass or Composite, the choice is yours. Please look through the different choices to decide on which is the right worktop for you.


Ideally suited to worktop designs which feature fluid shapes, curves and flowing lines, solid surface can be moulded into an endless variety of forms. Being man-made, colours and patterns are consistent. The look is completed with a range of matching sinks which can be jointed seamlessly to give the impressions of a single piece of material.


Sourced worldwide, for its resilience, strength and natural beauty, combined with its ability to be shaped and worked make this material a must for any quality installation. Beautiful natural stone granite worktops are resistant to normal everyday wear and tear. As a natural material colours and patterns very piece to piece so your granite worktop will be unique to you.


Quartz is a semi natural man made product. Quartz is made by mixing the natural mineral quartz with various resins, polymers & pigments.


Laminate worktops often imitate the look of real wood surfaces, or come with a choice of speckled, textured, or glossy finishes.  Substrate for the countertop out of MDF, or particle board and then glue sheets of laminate to the substrate using contact cement.

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